Things to keep in Mind When Purchasing Street Furniture

Street Furniture Australia

Metal bench in a parkStreet furniture can be found in public places throughout Australia. It’s easily found on the side walk and the pavements. You can easily see things such as bollards, benches and park tables of a variety of shape and designs. These are often placed for the comfort of people who might be visiting the park or waiting for their bus.

On the other hand bollards and other such items also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place and makes it look more inviting. Bollards also serve a variety of other purposes for example keeping an area safe from vehicle intrusion or to place demarcations or boundaries within a specific area.

Despite the fact that it’s known as street furniture it needs to be just as durable and functional than other piece of furniture should be. With so many companies now designing street furniture, it often becomes difficult to make a choice on which one you should buy. Keep in mind the following factors to help you get the best street furniture there is.

The material for street furniture – which one is the best

There is a wide variety of material which you can choose from. From regular cast iron furniture to wooden furniture. These days there is also a growing interest in polymer furniture which can be just as durably and sturdy as any other material. Make sure that when you purchase the street furniture it should be made from top quality material to ensure its longevity.

Style and design

Whether you would like to incorporate traditional looking street furniture or a modern one, there is a wide variety of street furniture you can choose from. Just make sure that the furniture you choose is in accordance with the surroundings to help create a visual appeal.

Street furniture should be functional

The main purpose of street furniture is to provide people with some form of comfort. For example park benches should be functional and comforting enough to help people relax. Similarly bollards and lamp posts add to the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings and the lamps also provide light during darkness.

Within your budget

Since street furniture should be durable and sturdy you are bound to invest in pieces which would last for a long time. Be prepared to pay a little extra if you want your street furniture to last for a longer period of time. Some materials cost more than the other and are perhaps stronger and therefore able to bear all kind of weather.

Weather resistant

Keep in mind that buying street furniture requires the same amount of careful deliberation and planning which is required for picking home and office furniture. The furniture should be weather proof. Since it’s placed outside it needs to be resistant to wind, rain and sunshine as well.


If you are looking for good quality street furniture and would like to buy stuff which is not only durable but well within your budget as well, make sure you check out the variety of furniture available at Street Furniture Australia .