Fall Prevention

Without the use of proper roof safety systems employers can put their workers at risk. The use of appropriate roof walk way systems is a must if there are a number of individuals working at the roof top. Most of the time injuries are a result of poor safety system. The right equipment and training can help prevent falls and make the work place safer. This in turn leads to improved productivity. When employees know they are safe they tend to work better.

The major step which each company must take is to ensure is that they use the right roof walkway system to ensure that things run smoothly and their workers stay safe. Once the right equipment has been purchased, workers need to undergo proper training to learn and use these equipment.

The equipment should be placed in the right place and manner to ensure maximum safety. Once installed workers should be trained to look out for a maintenance issues. Any areas which need repair should be immediately taken into account.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing roof walk way systems

Make sure you keep the following in mind when purchasing roof walk way systems.

  • Always buy the equipment from a licensed dealer. You should be aware that you are getting a good quality product which ensures the complete safety of all those who work for you.
  • Make sure your staff learns the basic skills of handling all the equipment by making them attend training sessions on using roof walk way systems.
  • Never compromise on quality. The one time purchase of a good quality product means that things move along smoothly and there is very little risk of injuries or falls.

Checklist for working on roofs

Though working on the roof is risky, there are times and conditions when it can’t be avoided. The following is a checklist for all those who work at heights. These include

  • The presence of gripping surfaces is essential for all those who are working at height. The surfaces should have jagged or pointed edges. They should be smooth and easy to grip on to. Despite roof walk way systems, the presence of gripping surfaces is a must.
  • For ladders with a height of more than 20 feet, having fixed cages is a must
  • The roof walkways systems should be up to date and without any damage
  • Temporary guard rails and barrier systems offer the best protection. Guard rail systems can be customized according to your specific requirements.
  • Whether you choose a fixed safety system or a free standing one, just make sure that it’s durable and sturdy.
  • Guardrail systems can be made from any material but the ones which are more preferable are ones made from steel or aluminum.

Keeping all these above mentioned tips in mind would help prevent any problems for those who work at a height. Choosing the right roof walk way systems is pretty much essential. If you would like to know more about safety and fall prevention at heights, make sure you check out the equipment available at selected suppliers.