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Electric BBQs in Australia

BBQ is fast becoming a common food for any kind of celebrations in the world.  Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, garden party or any occasion, there is always the chicken BBQ and pork BBQ.  Most common way of cooking BBQ is through charcoal and until now, it is still the common way of doing it. Most people, are used to do it in their gardens and outside their homes. But in the more industrial countries in the west and most in Europe, BBQ is cooked in electric grills. It is believe that it is a healthier way of cooking it.

Electric BBQ is getting familiar in Australia.  It is used to grill BBQ, instead of charcoal. With electric BBQ, cooking BBQ is no longer a dirty job, but you remain clean the entire session. Manufacturers are now producing new designs of electric BBQ.  Some are portable and made of stainless steel. It is easier to cook inside their homes.

These products are distributed by the leading department stores in Australia.  It comes in different sizes, brand names and designs. Electric BBQ does not produce a large amount of smoke, that makes it possible to cook inside the house.  It is also easier to cook with this grill, because you don’t have to fan to maintain the hotness of the grill.

The types of electric BBQ are the following:

  1. Smoker
  2. Table top grill
  3. Free Standing Grill
  4. Spit Roaster

Price of electric BBQ ranges from $30 to $150, depends on the size, make and brand.  Most of these Elec. BBQ are made of stainless steel and has the power of 2,000 watts to 3,000 watts. They are also design to cover the meat while cooking. For now, some of the electric BBQ brands available in Australia are : Thermomate, Teppanyaki, Grillz, Rotisserie Universal, Forman, EuroChef and many more.  Some other lower brands from china are still worth your time checking.  So, have fun and don’t allow yourself to be mislead by choosing the leading brand, even if it is out of your budget.

Another thing to learn is how to maintain your Electric BBQ, to make it last long.  You wouldn’t want to keep on buying one, in a short time.  Another thing to consider is the size.  Storing the grill is also a problem for most households. You will only use that for a limited occasion and you need a storage for it, when not in use.

So you must learn the easy steps:

  1. First, unplug you electric BBQ after using
  2. Let grill cool and wipe off grease
  3. Use soapy sponge to wet down burnt on grime
  4. Wipe down with a damp rug
  5. Wipe once more with paper towel.

We have just finished learning the tips in maintaining the electric BBQ. It gives us additional knowledge on how to extend its shelf life.  It also suggests that less is spent for maintenance.  If properly maintained, your electric BBQ, will last longer than usual usage.