Catalytic Converters – What are they?

Pollution is a serious problem that has been caused by various advancements in technology. Some of the most harmful pollutants are caused by modern conveniences that humans have come to rely upon to live everyday life. The most offensive pollutant to the earth is the exhaust created by combustion engines. This pollution is so toxic that it has begun eating the ozone layer, or the layer of our atmosphere that protects us from the harmful, violent rays of the sun. While some sunlight is great for our health, certain rays are detrimental to human life. The ozone layer protects us from receiving large amounts of these rays. Sadly, the vehicles we drive every day to make our lives easier, are causing us more exposure to these deadly rays.

Most people are familiar with commonly maintained car parts. However, not many people are familiar with their catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is part of your emissions system. Its job is to reduce the number of pollutants that are released by your vehicle.

More recently, catalytic converters have been placed in kerosene heaters and stoves, but they are mostly known for their use in vehicles. Since millions of cars travel the roads each day, air pollution is at an all time high. The catalytic converter on a car reduces the number of pollutants that a car releases into the atmosphere.

The catalytic converter serves three main purposes. The first is to reduce the number of nitrogen oxides, oxygen, and elemental nitrogen into the atmosphere. The second is to oxidize carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, which is less toxic. The third is to oxidize hydrocarbons and turn them into carbon dioxide and water. In some areas, if a vehicle is found not to have a catalytic converter on it, the owner is fined or the car is impounded.


Catalytic Converters are Mandatory

cartalytic coverter

Because of the amount of air pollution, governments have instated laws mandating that vehicles have catalytic converters installed, or that vehicles are manufactured with them installed. Even though they are simple devices in comparison to other components of a car, they are one of the most important parts, considering the damage that has already been done to the ozone layer. The catalytic converter prevents the engine from releasing smog into the air, which is known for having toxic effects to humans and to plant life.

  • Catalytic Converters Do Not Remove All Pollutants

Catalytic converters do not have the capable of removing all pollutants from the emissions system of the vehicle. However, it is capable of filtering the emissions and reducing what is released from the vehicle. It can also convert harmful exhaust fumes into less harmful fumes. A healthy catalytic converter reduces a number of harmful toxins by at least 98%.

  • How Catalytic Converters Work

Catalytic Converters work by oxidizing and reducing the toxic chemicals produced by the combustion in a gasoline engine. It removes chemicals like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons that are damaging to the environment and to the ozone layer. A catalytic converter is made up of between 4 to 9 grams of precious metals, including platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These precious metals are part of what makes it possible for the catalytic converters to carry out its function in reducing the pollutants released by car exhaust.


Safety Shop Brisbane

The Guide to Buying Your First Safety Equipment

Are you thinking about buying safety gear for yourself? Have you wondered how to buy products which can offer the best protection? With so many shops popping up it can be difficult to find one which caters to all kind of safety equipment. Don’t worry, at safety shop Brisbane you not only get all the safety gear you would need but you would get products of the finest quality.

Below is a guide to finding the best safety equipment in Brisbane.

Safety Shop Brisbane

Always know the safety requirements

If you are joining work in an environment which could cause a safety hazard it is always best to know what kind of safety equipment would be required for you to wear. For those who work in places where there are live wires and free flowing electricity special kind of repellent clothing is required. The clothes should not only repel electricity but should offer maximum protection as well.

Always give preference to quality products

You might be tempted to buy safety equipment which is second hand or something which is cheap. Keep in mind that safety gears need to offer you head to toe protection. Spending less money might seem like a smart move but it’s not. Putting your safety at risk at any time is not smart at all. Since quality safety gear is quite durable, it can last you for the longest possible time.

Buy from a licensed dealer

Buying safety gear from a licensed dealer is a smart move. You know they keep good quality and durable products which would actually last. All the items available are designed according to the highest safety standards.

Getting to know about safety gear

There is a variety of safety gear available I safety shops across Brisbane. The following is a low down on all that is on offer in a safety shop

Flame resistant safety gear

Flame resistant safety gear incudes shirts, pants, vests, goggles and shows which are completely flame resistant. These clothes need to be protective yet comfortable at the same time. All these clothes are in keeping with the highest of safety standards.

Chemical resistant clothing

Most people face the everyday hazard of having to work with dangerous chemicals. However working in such a condition should not put your safety at risk. This is why it’s important to purchase safety gear which can protect you from the harmful chemicals. These may include face shields as well and as overall suite.

Construction gear

If you work in the construction industry you need to wear protective clothing which can save you from hard hitting objects. It’s important to wear a safety helmet and protective eye goggles at all time. This can help keep you safe from any flying debris.

In fact you might even be required to wear steel toe boots. These will help keep your feet protected. Working on a construction site may be dangerous but using the right safety equipment could help ward off ay risks to your safety.

For more information on the best safety shop in Brisbane, make sure you visit our directory or homepage.



List your business with the Southwest Directory

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Southwest Directory

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